Enjoy a fly-free barn with an Automatic Flying Insect Control System

Whether your barn is two, ten or 50 plus stalls, our Automatic Flying Insect Control System can make it a comfortable and safe environment for you and your horses. Flies are not just a nuisance, they are a major cause of disease and are known to be involved in the transmission of more than 65 diseases to humans alone. They are also responsible for causing undue stress to your livestock, which translates to lost performance and attitude, and other health issues such as eye infections and internal parasite infestation.

Our power-packed insecticides are formulated to kill pests dead in their tracks when used properly with our automatic fly control system. Thanks to our 33 years of experience in the industry, our insecticides are premium quality, synthesized to give you effective, yet economical, solutions to your pest concerns. In a barn, stable, or even home exterior and other recreational applications, when you are looking for insect control, we are the leader in insecticides.